Friday, February 1, 2008

[ snow day :D ]

Well thanks to mother nature and the 10" of snow she left overnight, I'm having a snow day from work today! :D I haven't had a snow day since I was in high school (so it's been about 4 years) but it still brings back all of those exciting feelings I used to get as a kid!

In honor of my snow day and my new 3 day weekend, I'm planning on checking off a lot of my "to do" items. For starters, I'm going to finish cutting the rest of the stationery and cards that I printed last night. Then, I'm going to head to the store (if the roads are a little better) and buy supplies so I can build my own lightbox since the one I use at work will be off limits today! Following the cutting, and building will be photographing and listing which will hoefully take place late this evening or early tomorrow morning!

I'm also going to be designing additional stationery, cards, and other lovely items along with ... WEDDING INVITATIONS!!! :D I started designing some yesterday for fun and fell in love with the whole concept so if things go well, I'll be adding wedding related items to my Etsy line up!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

[ the official launch ]

Everything's finally coming together!

After months of brainstorming and designing countless amounts of items, a week long paper search, a never ending envelope search, some printing problems and hours of photography, Astor Addison has finally launched! :D

Visit my Etsy shop for a variety of Valentine's Day gifts! ♥